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Auto-Charge Policy and Procedures

When you select the Auto-Charge option you give Avemco authorization to charge your credit card automatically when installment and renewal payments are due on your policy.

If you make a mid-term change to your policy that impacts your premium, adjustments will be made to future installments. Then, upon the due date of the installments the adjusted premium payment will be charged to your assigned credit card. You will receive an Auto-Charge statement explaining these charges.

If for any reason your credit card is declined (e.g. you change or close the account) we will send you immediate written notification of the amount due together with a new Auto-Charge Authorization form. You can either provide an updated, valid credit card number on the authorization form (required to remain on the Auto-Charge Program) or remit your payment with a check or credit card and discontinue your participation in the program.

You may cancel the Auto-Charge Program at any time; however you are required to advise us in writing.

Note: The expiration date on your credit card will be updated automatically as required to negotiate payment.